Welcome to the CATosphere
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Welcome to the CATosphere!
Dig the MEWsic!
Raise Your Paw! We Do Not Declaw!
Catkind kitties raise our paws to NON-Declaw Veterinarians across the USA
and around the world, whose love for us is manifest by leaving our paws intact.

Dear Feline Friends,

Writing under the pen-name of my roadie-kitty, Miss Diva Calico Knee-socks, Catkind.com is a collection of whimsical poetry and silly songs; setting the theme for a theatrical revue wherein we embrace the world with loving-kindness to felines, to all of God’s creatures.

Catkind.com is, most benevolently, my prayer that someday soon, domestic felines and we, their “devoted Earthling companions,” shall see a national
and global cease and desist of Onychectomy: cat declawing.